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15 January 2011 @ 02:57 pm
Last Night The Weekend Caught Us Up, G, Charlie/Josh  
Title: Last Night The Weekend Caught Us Up
Paring/s: Charlie/Josh
Genre: Fluff
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Summary: Charlie's flight has been delayed.


Josh is fidgety. This isn’t exactly a new thing with him, he’s always been a little more twitchy than others. He’s pretty sure that Drew tried to nickname him ‘Rat’ at an early age because he always seemed to be on the move, but it never quite took a hold of the rest of the family.

But today Josh is even more nervous than usual, which means that his fidgeting has been taken to an unprecedented level. Charlie’s coming back today from Italy where he took in the sights of Rome, without Josh. Although they talked regularly and Josh caught Charlie’s occasional tweets, he still can’t wait. He’s been steadily getting more nervous or excited (he sort of falls between the two often enough that it’s more a natural state of being) as the clock winds down.

There’s the soft beep of a message on his phone and Josh practically dives across the couch to retrieve it. It’s from Charlie, and Josh’s heart rises before it sinks down to the bottom of his stomach.

From: Charlie
Plane’s been delayed in Sydney. Connecting flight asap. See you soon, sweets.

Josh sighs, feeling all that nervous energy deplete in a singular exhalation. He’d planned a dinner and everything for what should have been Charlie’s arrival in half an hour, but now he has no desire to eat.

Woodenly, he gathers the plates and cutlery and places them back in their original positions in the cupboards and drawers before fetching containers to store the food. The risotto smells delicious, but it just makes Josh feel ill. He fills the containers meticulously before putting them in the fridge and the dishes in the sink.

He sighs again, mostly for measure this time and exits into the lounge. He hates the airline for keeping Charlie further away than he has to be, and he picks up a cushion and flings it aimlessly across the room. It doesn’t change the situation, but it does make him feel better somewhat.

Figuring that Charlie won’t be back until late and taking in to account the fact that he’d had a Friends marathon last night (don’t judge him, that show’s fucking awesome) and he’s ridiculously tired, Josh decides that he might as well just go to bed, knowing that Charlie will wake him in the morning.

He’s just settled in to bed when there’s the faintest scrape of something outside, but he ignores it in favour of yawning. The bed feels overlarge but he’s gotten used to it in the last month, that is to say, until there’s the faintest thump from outside the bedroom and the door opens.

Josh shrieks and then immediately stops dead, hoping that someone's not about to come storming in his room and do something untoward - like murdering him. Josh has always been fond of his limbs.

“Shhh, Josh, shh. It’s just me.” Charlie’s voice is threaded with tiredness, but he seems relieved to be home, and Josh seriously hopes that he’s not dreaming.

“Charlie?” He ventures quietly, and the figure flicks the light on, wincing against the harsh light that floods the room. He looks rumpled, and slightly worse for wear after the plane trip, but Josh has never thought that he looked better.

“Hey sweets,” Charlie says, and Josh is out of bed in half an instant, taking two, three, four steps before he has Charlie backed against the wall, mouth pressed against his hard.

“Charlie.” Josh breathes a moment later when they separate, and he searches Charlie’s face for half a moment until a faint smile tugs at the corner of Charlie’s lips. “I missed you.” He adds quietly, and Charlie smiles softly.

“Missed you too,” he replies quietly, then dips his head to capture Josh’s mouth with his own. His lips are chapped, probably from too much sun and not enough lip balm (Josh did warn him), but it moves against Josh’s in all the right ways. Charlie’s tongue presses lightly against Josh’s lips until Josh opens up, and Charlie takes his time in relearning the inside of Josh’s mouth, making Josh shudder at the slow and strangely intense feel.

Josh’s hands are pressed against Charlie’s hips even as he presses himself closer to put himself flush against Charlie, and when Charlie pulls back to look at him quizzically, Josh smiles wickedly.

“No, Josh,” Charlie groans, and Josh has a half a moment to feel the hot swoop of disappointment before, “I’m too tired, and if we do it standing up, I will probably die.”

“So...” Josh trails off, and raises his eyebrows hopefully at Charlie who laughs lowly and presses a line of kisses along Josh’s jaw.

“So.” Charlie agrees, and nuzzles at the spot between Josh’s jaw and ear that makes Josh fidget once again. “I missed you. You have no fucking idea. Whole time I wanted you to be there with me.”

“Missed you too,” Josh replies quietly as he steps back, and immediately begins fidgeting with the hem of his shirt.

When Charlie’s pressed down on top of him, mouth hot against his collarbone as he slowly relearns every inch of Josh’s body while Josh’s hands tangle in his hair, Josh doesn’t think that there’s anything more right in the world than where they both are right now.

Sinead: dr horribleroonerspism on January 16th, 2011 07:59 am (UTC)
We totally need to catch up. Because I think I may need to one day read this.
And the rest. ALL OF EEEEET! Lol XD
Roseydesiredeffect on January 16th, 2011 02:17 pm (UTC)
Essentially. Add me on facebook and I can emails you the whole damn file if you want - it's not finished (as in there's a gigantic gap in the middle and end...) and not pretty, but it might give you something to read.